Some unexpected resolution support

driveless-525x787… turned up this week. Firstly, in the form of this set of resolution artwork, which was linked to from Let’s Go Ride a Bike. To be honest, any resolution involving leaving the sofa is always going to be hard work in January, and a little bit of extra motivation can only help. Click the picture for more.

Secondly, from an online mapping site, which showed me that it is in fact less than a mile from my front door to Small Girl’s new nursery. Which is a powerful motivator for cycling there as often as possible. It feels like more than a mile, presumably because it’s uphill with about 50lbs of child and trailer behind me, but it’s still an easy win for cutting car miles.

Thirdly, from the local council, who have announced a 5 week programme of roadworks, starting on Monday. These works will cause congestion on both my main and backup road routes to town. This kind of thing makes the decision to cycle to town on a cloudy/cold day so much easier. Also on the plus side, one set of works is to put in a pedestrian/bike crossing that will join two multi-user paths. At the moment you have to either get off the path into the traffic and ride over the roundabout, or cross as a pedestrian on a blind bend, so a crossing will be a great improvement.

Numbers for the week – two trips to nursery done by bike, which is just under 4 miles. 7.7 leisure miles. Two shopping trips walked to Lidl, which is barely any miles at all but rather more fuel than barely any when done by car.

One response to “Some unexpected resolution support

  1. Well done!! I think you’re right that seeing numbers (especially on the low end) make it easier to justify walking or biking instead of driving the car. Keep at it! Is that beautiful new bike making your trips with small girl any easier?

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