LGRAB Summer Games 2011 events 3 and possibly 4

I ought to (shamefully) confess that I thought the challenge ended today, not on August 8th. Having checked the website I am now giddy with possibility, since the Mister gets back from the States tomorrow so I should be able to do a new off-road ride either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday, and I might even get a book read. Hurrah!

My planned 3rd and 4th events were to ride a new (to me) off-road path and to do the maintenance task. I had also reserved a Josie Dew book from the library as a plan B. Long story short – husband away, not enough spare childcare time, couldn’t ride with trailer off-road locally, local bike shop didn’t have part (twice), book arrived late. So this afternoon I put Small Girl into the car and we set off to Marlborough which boasts two bike shops and seemed like a safe bet given the closeness to the deadline. Not only did the first shop tried have both a silver bottle-cage and pump, but outside the second shop I stumbled across a photo that really did say summer.

280720113074So here goes with the maintenance task. My Marin comfort bike, which gets used for errands, shopping and occasionally the nursery run, did not have a bottle cage, and had a red and grey pump. I appreciate that colour co-coordinating your bike’s accessories may not be worthwhile or even useful in the same way that finally learning how to change a flat would be, but it matters to me, as does my water bottle 280720113078leaking over the panniers/basket/trailer. I’ve been meaning to sort it out for months, and the Summer Games was the nudge I needed. Anyway, when we got home I wheeled the bike into the garden and fished out my trusty multi-tool.  I thought I could get away with the original bracket, but the fit was better with the new one. It was also interesting that the two brackets used different sized hex bolts. Everything fitted together just fine and I had the bonus of help from my beautiful three-year-old assistant. It was somewhat frightening watching her wield a multi-tool, but my I'm mending your bike, Mummy. On my own.paintwork still looks ok. Everything is done now, and I even rearranged all the small pump parts into Schrader configuration, so that it’s ready to use when I need it. Voila! My pump no longer clashes with my panniers. I still have a vision in my head of honey coloured saddles and grips, canvas clippy panniers and maybe cream tyres. And a proper basket. By which point I might just have well have bought the Pashley that is somewhere in my future, in the first place. For the moment though, I will settle for switching the seat post back to silver. Without the masking tape.


I’m going to add in a photo I got this afternoon that screams “summer” to me. It wasn’t taken on my commute, as I don’t work at the moment, but was snapped outside the other bike shop in Marlborough this afternoon. I’d been reading Deb’s blog this morning and clearly had ice cream on my mind. I did a bit of reading when I got home, and learned that the bike shop owner bought the Pashley trike on ebay and has restored it to sell ice-cream from. Sadly I think they had packed up for the day when I took the picture. I think he did a beautiful job and I would have loved to have talked to him about it, but he also runs the second shop, and as always seems to happen, I was carrying a carrier bag from the other bike shop and they always tease me when that happens. But yes, bikes and ice cream say summer to me, and I think this is perfect.


4 responses to “LGRAB Summer Games 2011 events 3 and possibly 4

  1. Thanks Sue! I’m very happy with it. Cool video🙂

  2. The Marin looks super lovely with her new bottle cage! I also love that front basket. Have you seen the “the my white bicycle” youtube video?🙂

  3. MBG, what a great photo, a bicycle ice cream wagon! I love it, when I was a kid we had things like this in our neighboorhood, it was from a company called Good Humor who was synonomous with ice cream here in the USA. Sadly as we became more of a motorized country the ice cream wagons with the cheerful bells became motorized ice cream trucks with musical tunes. Had I not seen your photo I would not have remembered that, wow, you just whisked me back in time.
    Congratulations on the bike maintenance items. Getting your bike spiffy looking is always a joy and it takes work and effort. My maintenance item for the contest will prablbly be givng my drivetrain and through cleaning and lube after tomorrows long dirt road ride.

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